Proxy validation / Proxy information – main provider and back up provider

From version and above it is possible to perform the proxy validation on a second database.

When you validate a proxy in Incogniton, this is done based on a database with proxies, we use IPstack for this. However, for some reason, the proxy validation may not work or indicate a different geolocation. This can be caused on the one hand because the proxy vendor has linked incorrect data to the proxy, on the other hand it can mean that the information from IPstack has been incorrectly recorded. To reduce this problem, we have now linked a second database to Incogniton so that the proxy can also be validated via an external source other than IPstack.

The second proxy validation can be accessed by selecting the option ‘Back up provider’ in the ‘Proxy’ tab in the ‘Proxy information provider’ cell.

If you still have any questions about the proxy validation don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

Testing your proxy can be done via this link.

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