Why is my real location still visible for websites?

If websites still detect your real geolocation then you probably have not set your browser profile correctly. This problem is often caused by the proxy which is not correctly attached to the browser profile by the user.

  1. Check that in the ‘Proxy’ tab you have selected one of the options’ HTTPS proxy, Socks 4, Socks 5 and that you have actually added a proxy to the profile.
  2. Also check in the ‘Timezone’ tab that the Geolocation is entered based on the IP address you have added to the browser profile. Of course you can also manually change the time zone. Please note that adjusting the Geolocation yourself entails risks if you do this incorrectly.

Once are done with these two steps relaunch the browser profile and check your geolocation at www.browserleaks.com or www.whoer.net.

If the problem is still not fixed please, we kindly would like to ask you if could contact our support at [email protected]

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