Replace multiple desktops with virtual browser profiles

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Replace multiple desktops with virtual browser profiles

Incogniton core features

Our core features

Data storage

The data from the browser profiles is securely stored in an online database. Or you can choose to storage your data on your own device.

Selenium Python Integration

Automate browser operations to save time

Easy to use

Designed in a user-friendly way and easy to use for everyone

Manage multiple browsers

Accessing multiple unique internet browsers from an application in a structured overview.

Browser profile sync across your computers

Access your browser profiles from all your devices.

Browser profiles sorting and management tools

The browser profiles are structured simply and efficiently so that they can be opened easily and quickly


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Incogniton – Update 1.20.7.

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Getting started with Incogniton

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VPN vs Incogniton

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Incogniton Use Cases

Incogniton Use Cases Incogniton is a great tool that offers several features while being flexible and efficient. We’ll be discussing several cases where Incogniton applies. Simplify Affiliate Marketing: For the…


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