How to use an Anti-Detect Browser for Traffic Arbitrage

Operate your traffic arbitrage with ease and stay clear of account bans and suspensions with Incogniton.

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How Incogniton helps arbitrators

Generate high-quality traffic

Create and manage multiple unique virtual browser profiles that allow you to generate clean traffic and stay clear of fingerprint bans by search engines. These profiles do not share data, history, or information!

Avoid account bans & suspensions

Incogniton enables you to operate all these unique fingerprints within the accepted bounds of digital platforms. You get the best fingerprint tech available to make your multiple accounts as unique as possible while you arbitrage traffic.

Scale fast and expand to more market segments

The traffic arbitrage game is all about odds-on, since fingerprinting makes it difficult to log into multiple accounts from a single browser. With Incogniton’s multiple accounts, you get to expand your services and re-serve generated traffic to other market segments.

Collaborate effectively

You may distribute the workload by establishing accounts for your team members with different logins and assigning roles. You also get granular controls by setting specific permissions for each team member.

Automate your processes

Automate your way into exponential growth with our Selenium and Puppeteer integration.

Sync your data across devices

Access browser profiles on all your connected devices! Data from your profiles are securely stored in the cloud or on your devices if you choose to.

What users say about Incogniton

It's an easy to set up and understandable multibrowser management program. You can efficiently enter all necessary requirements for managing multiple accounts. Incogniton's way of setting up bulk profiles is an easy way to ensure all of the accounts have the same requirements met.
- Belle
Incogniton allows me to create multiple accounts which are totally undetectable. It helps me avoid bans using multiple accounts on the same website. Also, the ability to sync my profiles to the cloud and have them with me wherever I use Incogniton.
- Rami
I run an social media advertising agency that manages 25 accounts on different social media channels. I use Incogniton to feel secured.
- Faa

How Multiple Profiles Aid Traffic Arbitrage

Traffic Arbitrage allows you to earn money by purchasing traffic at a specific price and selling it at a higher price. It is a numbers game. The more clicks you can provide for clients the more profit you can make.

Traffic is utilized in a lot of different ways. Thus, arbitrage can be extremely unpredictable. Managing multiple accounts is critical to starting and running such businesses. Relying on a few accounts is risky, especially with the threats of account bans.

With sophisticated methods like browser fingerprinting, websites can detect suspicious behavior, including tiny inconsistencies in your browser’s behaviors and properties. You will almost certainly have your account suspended once this is flagged.

Best anti-detect browser Incogniton

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Advantages of using an anti-detect browser

Regular web browsers, like Chrome, allow you to create multiple browsing profiles, but; these profiles are connected and can be associated with your IP address, hardware, and browser fingerprints.

An anti-detect browser masks your browser fingerprint and makes it appear as if someone else is connecting from a different device. As a result, you can set up separate settings for each of your browsing profiles to prevent them from being linked. It lowers the likelihood of account bans and suspensions. It also eliminates the need for multiple computers to manage a large number of internet profiles.

The most important thing for traffic arbitrators who manage multiple accounts is that each account should have a distinct identity. This is why you should trust Incogniton with your company’s operations and growth.