How to use Incogniton for E-commerce and Dropshipping

The world of e-commerce is rife with limitless possibilities. With the right tools, you can position yourself for great success. 

Incogniton offers budget-friendly plans with all the automation features, profiles, and team seats. Our free plans allow up to 10 browser profiles. Savor the experience of a great and efficient tool for your affiliate marketing needs.


Get the most out of affiliate marketing with Incogniton

Create and manage multiple store profiles

Create and manage thousands of completely separated virtual browser profiles that do not leak data, history, or information between each other! Incogniton makes it easy for you to manage these multiple profiles from a single interface. Grow your brand authority without the risks of account bans on digital platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy.

Avoid account bans & suspensions

Incogniton enables you to operate all these accounts within the accepted bounds of digital platforms. You get the best fingerprint tech available to make your multiple accounts as unique as possible while you expand your reach.

Create bulk browser profiles in one click

All you need to do is to set your parameters and input your details, Incogniton does the rest for you.

Work collaboratively

You can share the burden of the work by creating accounts for your team members with separate logins and assigning roles. You also get granular controls by setting specific permissions for each team member.

Get more time for productive tasks

With our Selenium Integration, you can use automation to create, change and delete accounts, carry out routine tasks, manage ads, and complete as many tasks as you want!

Sync your data across devices

Access browser profiles on all your connected devices! Data from your profiles are securely stored in the cloud or on your devices if you choose to.

What users say about Incogniton

I have been using it for a while and honestly I'm amazed on how easy it is to use and understand, everything is clear, compact and it seems there isn't a single feature missing.
- Francisco
Incogniton allows me to create multiple accounts which are totally undetectable. It helps me avoid bans using multiple accounts on the same website. Also, the ability to sync my profiles to the cloud and have them with me wherever I use Incogniton.
- Alex
It is a great and convenient tool that helped me develop my ecommerce businesses by ensuring that my accounts are safe, while I can focuse on scaling my work and optimizing.
- Faiz

Multiple marketplace account management within E-commerce

Merchants can set up storefronts and sell products to potential customers using online platforms such as Amazon, eBay, or Alibaba. You want to run multiple eCommerce stores and brands at the same time, just like a regular retail store, so you can make more money. There are more incentives to open as many stores as possible since these platforms have made it easier to create and manage retail outlets.

With multiple stores, you get more chances to win potential customers to buy your products. It also means you can broaden your full product range without jeopardizing your brand – if you add products from a completely unrelated industry, you don’t have to try to fit them all into one brand.

However, the problem is these online marketplaces have different ideas. They have developed sophisticated tracking systems to detect merchants with multiple accounts.

Tracking site visitors allows e-commerce sites to serve them the content they want. Every time a user visits, they collect data to personalize the user’s experience. The information gathered must be linked to the identity of each person who visits. Browser fingerprinting techniques are efficient methods used to achieve this. With the same tool, the platform can determine all accounts originating from the same user. Once such accounts are identified, the next thing they do is to flag them as suspicious and then suspend them.

With an anti-detect browser like Incogniton, you can run multiple accounts and still operate within the confines of the marketplace’s rules.

Best anti-detect browser Incogniton

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Advantages of using an anti-detect browser

Anti-detect Browsers look and behave the same way as popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox because they are built with the same web engines. However, they do more than just allow you to access the world wide web.

The normal web browser (e.g. Chrome) allows you to create multiple browsing profiles but these profiles are connected and they all can be associated with your IP address, hardware, and digital fingerprints. Like we said earlier, this fingerprint, like the human fingerprint, is used by these platforms to track their users and effect bans and account suspensions.

An anti-detect browser alters or masks your digital fingerprint to make it appear that someone else is connecting from a different device. This allows you to create distinct settings for your browser profiles that cannot be linked to one another.

Thus, instead of the platforms reading your ‘fingerprint as the same for all profiles which is an instant sign of suspicious behavior, it recognizes them as native, real fingerprints, as if they were separate devices.

The feature eliminates the use of multiple computers to manage different browsing profiles. You can conserve energy and save costs while still ensuring that your operations are within the confines of the regulations of the marketplaces.