Anti-detect browser for Digital Marketing Agencies

Increase your profits and remain competitive by offering your clients top-notch and secured services with Incogniton. 

Incogniton offers budget-friendly plans with all the automation features, profiles, and team seats. Our free plans allow up to 10 browser profiles. Get the most out of digital marketing by using an efficient tool that converts.


How Incogniton helps digital agencies manage multiple accounts successfully

Manage multiple online marketing channels

Manage multiple virtual browser profiles for your desired platforms. These profiles do not leak data or share information. You will be able to grow your brand authority without the risks of account bans on digital platforms like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok or Amazon.

Avoid account bans & suspensions

Incogniton enables you to operate all these accounts within the accepted bounds of digital platforms. You get the best fingerprint tech available to make your multiple accounts as unique as possible while you expand your reach.

Create bulk browser profiles in one click

All you need to do is to set your parameters and input your details. Incogniton does the rest for you.

Work collaboratively

Share the burden of the work by creating accounts for your team members with separate logins and assigning roles. You also get granular controls by setting specific permissions for each member of your team.

Automate your processes

With our Selenium Integration and Puppeteer integration—you can automate repetitive customer acquisition tasks using Python and NodeJS respectfully. Create, log in to your accounts, manage ads, and complete tasks quicker.

Sync your data across devices

Access browser profiles on all your connected devices to track progress from anywhere! Data from your profiles are securely stored in the cloud or on your devices based on your preferences.

What users say about Incogniton

I have been using it for a while and honestly I'm amazed on how easy it is to use and understand, everything is clear, compact and it seems there isn't a single feature missing.
- Francisco
Incogniton allows me to create multiple accounts which are totally undetectable. It helps me avoid bans using multiple accounts on the same website. Also, the ability to sync my profiles to the cloud and have them with me wherever I use Incogniton.
- Alex
You can have multiple accounts logged in at the same time. Incogniton has a great encryption system in place, and they have a customer support team that is always there to help if you have a problem. Incognition is the best way to improve your media management skills.
- Nerida

What are the key points of managing multiple accounts for digital agencies?

Digital agencies manage the digital presence of companies or brands. It could be managing their advertisements or social media accounts. As a result, security and shareability are two non-negotiable features in their tools.

There are always dozens of accounts to manage from various clients. As a result, keeping these accounts separate and distinct is critical. When team members share access across multiple devices and locations, agencies must assure clients that their accounts are completely secure, with no risk of account bans.

An agency employs a variety of people. Sharing profiles among team members is also critical for teamwork cooperation. There are always dozens of accounts from various clients managed by one operation manager, hundreds of accounts managed by an operation team, and thousands of accounts managed by an advertising agency.

Platforms like Facebook and Google use sophisticated tools like browser fingerprinting to identify different accounts that are behaving suspiciously or inconsistently. Even if these accounts are legally managed, they can be suspended at any time.

The most common reason is that the accounts are marked as suspicious due to inconsistencies in browser behavior. For example, when an account is accessed from different devices, there are noticeable changes in browser behavior, which the platform’s algorithms can detect. In its login and operation records, the account has displayed various fingerprints.

Best anti-detect browser Incogniton

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Advantages of using an anti-detect browser

A typical web browser like Chrome allows you to create multiple browsing profiles, but; these profiles are connected and can be associated with your IP address, hardware, and thus, your browser fingerprints.

An anti-detect browser masks your browser fingerprint and makes it seem as though someone else is connected from a different device. As a result, you can create separate settings for each of your browser accounts so they cannot be connected. It does away with the need for several computers to administer many internet profiles. Instead, virtual browser profiles will be employed. Energy and financial savings are possible while ensuring that your business practices comply with the digital platform guidelines.

Anti-detect Browsers have the same appearance and functionality as common browsers that you use today e.g., Chrome, Edge, or Firefox. They were created with the same web engines. However, they do more than just provide you with internet access. Many of them also have functionalities that allow collaborative work and team sharing.

Incogniton is an excellent example of these anti-detect browsers.