How to Use Incogniton for Price Comparison

Go beyond boundaries and get the best deals for your purchases. Let Incogniton help you do your retail price comparison tasks easier and faster. Here is how.

Incogniton offers budget-friendly plans with all the automation features, profiles, and team seats. Our free plans allow up to 10 browser profiles. Savor the experience of a great and efficient tool for price comparison projects.
Price comparison

How Incogniton helps retail price comparison

Manage multiple customer acquisition channels

Manage multiple virtual browser profiles for each of your niche services. These profiles do not leak data or share information. You will be able to grow your brand authority without the risks of account bans on digital platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy.

Bypass (regional) account bans & suspensions

Create and maintain many wholly separated browser profiles for accessing E-commerce platforms such as Alibaba, Amazon, and Etsy. These profiles do not share or leak information. As a result, these platforms will find it difficult to target or filter your accounts based on your browser fingerprint.

Set up your new accounts fast

With our cookie collector, you can hit the ground running with your new accounts by collecting cookies and free yourself from unnecessary suspicion from trading platforms and stores.

Work collaboratively

You can share the burden of the work by creating accounts for your team members with separate logins and assigning roles. You also get granular controls by setting specific permissions for each team member.

Compare prices faster with automation

Retrieve and compare price data with a few lines of code by using our powerful Selenium integration to automate the processes. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, you can never go wrong with the best deals.

What users say about Incogniton

I have been using it for a while and honestly I'm amazed on how easy it is to use and understand, everything is clear, compact and it seems there isn't a single feature missing.
- Francisco
Incogniton allows me to create multiple accounts which are totally undetectable. It helps me avoid bans using multiple accounts on the same website. Also, the ability to sync my profiles to the cloud and have them with me wherever I use Incogniton.
- Alex
Incogniton is very smooth and easy to use. With regular updates it stays rapid, easy and never crashes. I would recommend this to everyone who want to start with it. It is far better than all the other options.
- Maria

The Burden of Retail Price Comparison

The Internet has opened up a world of possibilities for the shopping experience. Geological barriers have been demolished. A shopper can buy goods from the other side of the world with little difficulty.

That is the reality, except online stores and marketplaces will not permit it. These kinds of shopping experiences, while bringing in more customers and revenue, are quite costly to maintain. Shipping goods to customers on the other side of the world is quite expensive. These trading platforms use geolocation tools and tracking techniques to prevent foreign consumers from accessing their stores.

This ‘digital fence’ enables these online marketplaces to charge exorbitant prices to their target consumers. It also effectively prevents potential foreign customers from obtaining desired products.

Retailers and consumers want the most bang for their buck, so they look for different ways to get around the restrictions. VPNs and proxies are rife, but they are ineffective against the trading platforms’ powerful browser fingerprinting techniques. And as such, anti-detect browsers come in handy here.

Best anti-detect browser Incogniton

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Advantages of using an anti-detect browser

Anti-detect Browsers have the same appearance and functionality as common browsers that you use today like Chrome, Edge, or Firefox. They were created with the same web engines. However, they do more than just provide you with internet access.

Web browsers, like Chrome, allow you to create multiple browsing profiles, but; these profiles are connected and can be associated with your IP address, hardware, and thus, your browser fingerprints.

An anti-detect browser masks your browser fingerprint and makes it seem as though someone else is connected from a different device. As a result, you can create separate settings for each of your browsing profiles so they cannot be linked.

It eliminates the need for several computers for many internet profiles. Instead, you can use virtual browser profiles to access these websites without flouting their rules or triggering suspicion.

They also come with added functionality like team management and automation. You can automate browser tasks like account creation and save your time for more work. Thus, anti-detect browsers are better options for retailers to complete their price comparison tasks.

Incogniton is an excellent example of these anti-detect browsers.