Use cases

There are many reasons to use an anti-detect browser. Staying anonymous and avoid account suspensions while managing virtual profiles for multiple accounts. Whether those accounts are for affiliate marketing, social media account management or something else. Find a few of the many possibilities below.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is hampered by one issue: effective account management is nearly impossible without the proper tools.

Digital Marketing Agencies

Increase your profits and remain competitive by offering your clients top-notch and secured services with Incogniton.

E-commerce & Dropshipping

The world of e-commerce is rife with limitless possibilities. With the right tools, you can position yourself for great success.

Price Comparison

Go beyond boundaries and get the best deals for your purchases. Let Incogniton help you do your retail price comparison tasks easier and faster.

Social Media Marketing

Your social media marketing strategy with multiple accounts doesn’t have to end on the drawing board or something beyond your means.

Traffic Arbitrage

Operate your traffic arbitrage with ease and stay clear of account bans and suspensions with Incogniton.