How to Use Incogniton for Social Media Marketing and Managing Multiple Accounts

Your social media marketing strategy with multiple accounts doesn’t have to end on the drawing board or something beyond your means. With Incogniton, a new generation Chromium anti-detect browser, you can avail yourself of all the best features to make it a seamless experience!


Get the most out of managing multiple social media accounts

Create and Manage Multiple Browser Profiles

Create and manage multiple completely separated virtual browser profiles that do not leak data, history, or information between each other! Incogniton makes it easy for you to manage these multiple profiles from a single interface.

Avoid bans & account suspension

Operate within accepted rules with the best fingerprint tech available. Incogniton offers budget-friendly plans with all the automation features, profiles, and team seats. Our free plans allow up to 10 browser profiles. Savor the experience of a great and efficient tool for social media marketing.

Create bulk browser profiles in one click

All you need to do is to set your parameters and input your details, Incogniton does the rest for you.

Work collaboratively

You can share the burden of the work by creating accounts for your team members with separate logins and assigning roles. You also get granular controls by setting specific permissions for each team member.

Automate your processes

With our Selenium Integration, you can use automation to create, log in to your accounts, carry out routine tasks, manage ads, and complete tasks quicker so you have free time for other things.

Sync your data across devices

Access browser profiles on all your connected devices! Data from your profiles are securely stored in the cloud or only on your devices if you choose to.

Set up your new accounts fast

With our cookie collector, you can hit the ground running with your new accounts by collecting cookies and free yourself from unnecessary suspicion from social media platforms.

What users say about Incogniton

I have been using it for a while and honestly I'm amazed on how easy it is to use and understand, everything is clear, compact and it seems there isn't a single feature missing.
- Francisco
With Incogniton I can work on different computers without needing to login every time. Incogniton can also automate a lot of tasks on social profiles that other tools can't do. Think of following all profiles who visited my profile or bypass certain checks.
- Rami
I run an social media advertising agency that manages 25 accounts on different social media channels. I use Incogniton to feel secured.
- Faa

Advantages of using an anti-detect browser

Anti-detect Browsers have the same appearance and functionality as common browsers that you use today e.g., Chrome, Edge, or Firefox. They were created with the same web engines. However, they do more than just provide you with internet access.

A typical web browser (e.g. Chrome) allows you to create multiple browsing profiles, but; these profiles are connected and can be associated with your IP address, hardware, and thus, your digital fingerprints. Social media platforms use these fingerprints to track users and effect bans and account suspensions.

Your digital fingerprint is altered or hidden by an anti-detect browser to make it seem as though someone else is connected from a different device. As a result, you can make separate settings for each of your browser accounts so they cannot be connected. It does away with the need for several computers to administer many internet profiles. Instead, virtual browser profiles will be employed. Energy and financial savings are possible while ensuring that your business practices comply with the social media platform guidelines.

Incogniton is a great example of these anti-detect browsers.

Best anti-detect browser Incogniton

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Why Social Media Marketing?

Today, an average person has seven accounts and spends more than 2 hours daily on social media. Thus, social media is now the fastest way to reach consumers. Modern small and large businesses are making social media a big part of their marketing strategy. 

Social media managers, like you, deal with multiple accounts for client businesses. With these accounts, you publish content tailored to specific audiences, such as product target markets or geographical locations. Others you use as dedicated accounts for customer assistance. In either case, these accounts support your ability to maintain influence over your clients’ customers and draw in new ones.

Managing multiple social media accounts is not as easy as it sounds. Social media platforms make it hard. They established regulations that make it challenging to manage many accounts so they can maintain the integrity of the material on their site.

Social media managers have found different ways around this issue. Using proxies is a popular choice. However, these ways still crumble due to the sophisticated tracking techniques employed by the likes of Facebook and Instagram—Prominent among these techniques is browser fingerprinting or digital fingerprinting.

The algorithms of social media platforms employ digital fingerprints, a set of characteristics, to identify individuals with 99% accuracy. Many of these settings are related to your web browser — the tool you use to access the internet.