Privacy Policy

What We Require from You

If you wish to create an Incogniton account to be able to use our services, you must provide certain information to us.

Based on what you want to use  our services for, you may be required to provide the following details:

  • Your name, email & postal addresses, telephone number, and country of residence.  You will provide the aforementioned details by filling forms on Incogniton. You will also be asked whether you want to register as a user of  our services, subscribe to our newsletters,  request any information, or upload or submit any material through Incogniton;
  • Your login  details, that is, username and password; 
  • Details of any transactions or requests that you make  using our services;
  • Information  regarding your activity on & interaction with Incogniton,  including your IP address  plus the type of browser or device you use;
  • The messages you send to us  when you report a problem,  request for support, send us comments or questions; 
  • Information,  which you  provide to Incogniton in the form of contributions to discussions or comments;

What We Keep Private

Any information you provide to us will be treated with utmost confidentiality, that is, it will neither be displayed publicly nor disclosed to other users of our services.

We don’t disclose your personally identifiable information to any third-party services,  we will only do so when it becomes imperative to render Incogniton’s Services, for instance,  when we are partnering with payment processors.  Any time we divulge your personally identifiable information to third-party services,  which support the delivery of our Incogniton Services, we ask them to protect your personal data in the same manner that we do. However, we can disclose personal data whenever we deem it fit to comply with the existing law or law enforcement as is the case with Dutch jurisdiction, in order to prevent abuse or fraud or to protect the legal rights of Incogniton.

What We Encrypt

We attach great value to your own privacy and that of your business.  Each time you log on to websites via Incogniton desktop application, the Application will encrypt sensitive information before transmitting it to our servers. The password to your account is encrypted as a private key,  thanks to our encryption algorithms.

We also encrypt the  data listed below:

  • Session identifiers that are stored in cookie files
  • URLs of active browser tabs

On no account do we store the password to your account on our servers. The only thing we store on our server is the master password’s hash and is for the purpose of validating login data (this implies that we do not have and cannot see your original password).

What We Use  Your Personal Information For

We  use the personal information we obtained from you  for the purpose of:

  • identifying you  each time you sign  in to your account;
  • providing you with the Services;
  • sending you marketing  information which we  consider will be of help to you,  using your preferred email;
  • administering  the account that you have with us;
  • contacting you  to respond to any question or complaint that you make  via the Services;
  • analyzing the use of the Services  as well as the people visiting  with a view to improving our content and Services; and
  • for other purposes, which we are going to disclose to you any time we ask for your information.

We do not handle the security of your data and the protection of your privacy with levity. On no account do we post anything to your social media accounts without your consent. You have our assurance that we will not offer your data for sale.


We will only communicate with you if you ask us to do so. We try as much as possible to bother you with emails and enable you to opt-out of any marketing emails we send to you on a regular basis.

From time to time, we will transmit to you emails relating to your personal transactions. Also, you will receive from time to time certain marketing emails in line with your preferences, and you will be able to opt-out any time you wish.

Whenever there is a need to do so, we may transmit to you messages that are related to the services we render to you.


When there is a need to delete or modify your personal information, simply log in, you will find an option to do so on your account or in the alternative, you can contact customer support to get it done. For business purposes or as required by law, we may retain certain information. In the event that you forget the personal information that you provided to us, we are going to send you a copy of it upon request. The provision of his information attracts a fee, which does not exceed the amount stipulated by law.

People aged under 18 are not allowed to use Incogniton on their own, therefore, this privacy policy does not make provision for children’s use of Incogniton.

We may transfer information, which you submit through the Services to countries other than your country of residence, for instance, we may transfer your information to our servers in the US. We usually protect all information that we receive in line with this privacy policy.


For suggestions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.