Guide – how to transfer profiles between users

In this guide we will explain how you can easily transfer browser profiles between users. With this feature you can work together more efficiently!

  • Firstly, click on My Account, and after that on the button ‘Transfer profiles‘.
  • You’re able to see three buttons and thus three options: to transfer a profile via ‘Transfer profiles‘ button, to cancel a transfer via ‘Cancel profile Transfer‘ button and to accept a transfer via ‘Accept Profile Transfer‘. Please click the one applicable to your situation. In this case will continue how to explain how you can transfer a profile and how you can accept a browser profile transfer
  • When clicked the suited one for your needs a screen will pop up where you have to make a selection. Note! You have to click on the arrows in the middle to make the profiles switch sides. Please do not forget to after that ‘save‘ your actions by clicking on the purple button which will display whether you want to transfer, cancel or accept a transfer.

If you still have any questions about this feature or if you have any other questions don’t hesitate to contact our support department!

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