Guide – how to clone an Incogniton browser profile

In this article we will explain how to clone/duplicate an existing browser profile. The clone functionality is available in all paid packages and can be accessed by firstly clicking the 3-bullet icon on the right side from an existing browser profile, then clicking the button ‘Clone profile’

A pop-up will then open where you can select a number of parameters with data that you can copy to the new browser profile. These are the following options:

  • Copy the cookies, please find more information in this article.
  • Copy other browser data – with this you will also copy already installed extensions.
  • Copy the user agent – when you disable the user agent, a new one for the new browser profile will be created.
  • Copy the advanced settings such as fonts, media devices, hardware, and DNS settings.
  • Finally, you can also specify the number of new profiles you want to create based on the current profile and the clone settings. You can enter the number of new browser profiles you would like created here.

If you still have any questions about clone functionality, please don’t hesitate to contact our support department.

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