Guide – how to use the proxy management feature of Incogniton

In this article we will explain how the proxy management feature works. With this functionality you can do the following:

  • Adding proxies in bulk (via Standard proxy format, CSV or Excel file)
  • Save proxies in bulk so that you can easily add them to a (new) browser profile
  • Save your proxies in groups, so that you always have an overview

First of all, it is of course important to know where you can find this functionality. This can be found in the browser profile overview and can be opened by clicking on ‘Proxy Management‘.

Now that you have arrived in the proxy management portal you can do several things. You can manage your already imported proxies, add new proxies both in bulk and single, remove proxies, check connection or rotate the proxies (only works for rotating proxies)

Adding a single proxy to the database

  1. We’ll start by explaining how to add a proxy. You can do this by clicking on ‘Create Single Proxy‘.
  2. Then add the proxy details such as Name, Proxy:PORT, Proxy username, Proxy Password and in the case of a rotating proxy, also check the ‘Rotating proxy’ option.
  3. If desired, you can also add the proxy to a group you have created.
  4. Then click on ‘check proxy’ and on the arrows in the middle to add the proxy to the database.

Adding proxies in bulk
You can also add proxies in bulk, this allows you to add all the proxies you use to Incogniton in just a few clicks. You first click on ‘Create bulk’. A pop-up will then appear and you can choose to import the proxies in bulk in different ways. This can be done via the following formats.

  • Add a standard format consisting of PROXY:PORT, Username and Password.
  • CSV format, where you can decide which headers you use
  • CSV file, allows you to import a CSV file. The sample document can be downloaded from the application or via this link.
  • Excel file, with this you can import a CSV file. The sample document can be download from the application or via this link.

Standard format

  1. We start by creating adding proxies in bulk via the standard format. This can be done by pasting the proxy, port, username and password in the format shown below. You can determine the delimite character you want yourself. In this case we have chosen a colon and this is set by default.

CSV Format & Excel Format

  1. To import your proxies via Excel or CSV, you must first download the template (see link above or in the application).You then need to fill out the template and save the document to your computer.

  2. Then click on ‘CSV file’ or ‘Excel file’ after which you can upload the document you have completed. In the standard file the semicolon symbol is set as a delimiter. But this can also be adjusted if desired.

  3. Then click Check and the document will be checked and the proxies will be imported into the database in Incogniton. Finally, click on ‘Import‘ and the proxies are saved.


If you still have any questions about Incogniton’s extension manager, please don’t hesitate to contact our support department!

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