Guide – how to use Incogniton’s extension manager

In this article we will explain to you how to use Incogniton’s extension manager. With using this functionality you can easily and quickly install browser extensions for your new or existing browser profiles.

  • First of all, go to the Google Chrome webstore to find the desired browser extensions. You can do this through your regular Chrome Browser and searching in the Google Chrome webstore.
  • Once you have found the extension you want, then copy the URL from the toolbar, which is necessary for the extension’s installation later on.
    Note! If you want to install multiple extensions in multiple browser profiles, we advise you to copy the URL of the extensions to, for example, word or text editor. This allows you to work a lot more efficiently.
  • If you got the URL from the extension from the Google Chrome Webstore you need to paste the URL in Incogniton. After you have pasted the URL you need to hit the button ‘Add’. Once these steps are completed you can hit the button ‘Update profile’ and the next time when you launch the browser profile the extensions will be installed automatically.

Removing an Extension

  • If you want to remove an extension after a while, you can do this via ‘Remove all’ or ‘Remove Selected’. You can decide whether you want to remove all installed extensions or only selected extensions.

Adding extensions for multiple browser profile

  • It is also possible to install extensions for multiple browser profiles at the same time. You can do this via action -> modify -> browser extensions. Then you can add the URL from the Google Chrome webstore just as described above and after that the extensions will be installed automatically when the browser profiles are started.

Adding pre-saved extensions

When you use a certain extension several times for your browser profile it can be more efficient to use a pre-saved extension. This prevents you from having to add the information of an extension again and again.

To add a pre-saved extension you have to click on ‘Browser Management’ in the browser profile overview. Then click on ‘General Extensions’ Now you can add an extension which is similar to the steps above by copying the link from the Google chrome store and then clicking add.

To add the extension to a browser profile, click on the three bullet icon edit and go to the ‘Extensions‘ tab. The preset extensions are then included at the bottom of the tab and you can select them and then add them to your browser profile.

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If you still have any questions about Incogniton’s extension manager, please don’t hesitate to contact our support department!

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