The browser doesn’t launch when pressing “Start”/The browser won’t download

When opening Incogniton for the first time, a window should popup which asks if you want to download the browser. This should be done before trying to start a profile.
Downloading the browser might take a while and the speed will depend on your internet connection.
If the browser will still not launch and the “Download browser” window is closed, you can go through the following steps:

  1. 6Go the folder c:/users/USERNAME/incogniton/browser
  2. Look for the file called ‘Chrome.exe’ and click on it. If all goes well, a chrome browser will now be launched. If this happens, you should be able to launch your browser profile in Incogniton. If this does not happen, read on.
  3. If the ‘Chrome.exe’ file is not included in this folder then delete the folder c:/users/USERNAME/incogniton and restart Incogniton.
  4. Incogniton should now ask to download the browser again. Press “Start update” and let it finish. If it will stil not finish you can download the browser directly from here: (Windows 64 bit) (Windows 32 bit)
  5. Unzip this file in c:/users/USERNAME/incogniton/browser
  6. Try to start a profile again.

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