Guide – How to test your proxy via FireFox browser and Foxyproxy

In some cases, your proxy may not work. This could be because of several reasons, it could be that the proxy doesn’t work because it simply doesn’t have an internet connection, but it could also be that the proxy doesn’t work properly in Incogniton. In this article, we’ll teach you a way how you can test if a proxy really isn’t working.

1. We are going to test the proxy via the Firefox Browser, so this means that you must either have Firefox installed on your computer or do this now. You can download Firefox from this link.

2. If you have opened / installed Firefox then you have to install the extension Foxyproxy in the browser. This extension can be downloaded from this page.

3. When you have installed the extension, you can open it by clicking the FoxyProxy icon at the far right of the toolbar.

4. When the Extension is opened you need to add proxy information, this can be done by clicking on the icon ‘Add’. After this, a new window will open in which you can add the proxy details such as Proxy Type, Proxy IP, Port, Username (if applicable) and Password (if applicable). Finally, you can give the proxy a name and then click on ‘Save’.

5. You can then activate the proxy. You can do this by selecting the proxy from the main menu via the drop down menu and then activating it.

6. Finally, you can then browse and go to a website such as to validate whether or not the proxy is working. In this case, it appears that the proxy does not work.

7. If a proxy doesn’t work and you bought it somewhere, we advise you to report this problem to the seller. They will be probably able to elaborate further on this matter and help you and if necessary replace the proxy.

Validating your proxy can be done via this link.

If you still have any questions don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

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