Creating a new browser profile

Browser profiles are fundamental to how Incogniton works. They are virtual profiles with parameters customized with unique properties. When you access a website using different browser profiles, the site detects entirely separate identities.

Here’s how to create unique virtual profiles using Incogniton:

  • From the left navigation pane, select New browser profile.
  • Next, name the new profile and proceed.
  • The next step is to configure the operating system, which you want the websites to detect that you use.
  • After customizing the operating system of your virtual profile, click the Edit proxy settings button to add and manage proxies.
  • On making the above configurations, Incogniton generates the best privacy settings and fingerprints for the ultimate anonymity. If you wish, you may configure these settings. Some of the possible configurations include the following:
  • Timezone: Configure this to trick websites into identifying your traffic to be coming from a fake timezone.
  • WebRTC: The WebRTC setting prevents your browser from bypassing your proxy to leak your legit IP address.
  • Geolocation: Use this setting to spoof your physical location.
  • Next, on the left-hand panel, click on the Advanced settings option. From here, you can configure parameters one-by-one.
  • Finally, hit the Create Profile button at the bottom right to save the settings and finalize the profile creation.

If you follow the steps correctly, you should see the newly created profile at the right-hand section of the page.

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