Guide – how to restore deleted profiles (trash bin)

In this guide we will explain how you can restore (accidentally) deleted profiles, up to seven days.

In our latest update we added a recycling bin icon at the top right of the screen, so you can easily restore deleted profiles via Profile Management. This will automatically give you the pop up shown in the second image below.

If you would like to do it the previous way please click on My Account, than Account Settings and after that on Other. At the left you will see a button with Restore deleted profiles like below.

A screen will pop up where you can search for profiles and select the ones you want to restore. You have to click on the arrows in the middle to make the profiles switch sides. When done please click the button Restore selected profiles.

If you want to organize and customize the layout of Profile Management, please read this article.

Hopefully this helped you restore accidentally deleted profiles. If you still have any questions about this feature or if you have any other questions don’t hesitate to contact our support department!

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