Guide – How to bulk create browser profiles

Incogniton allows you to create multiple accounts at the same time. The tool is pretty advanced and allows for a lot of customization. So before you use the bulk creator we recommend you to read the below article.

How to use the bulk create profiles feature

You can start the bulk creator by hitting the button “Create Bulk” in the left menu in the section Browser Profile Creation.
When you hitted the button ”Create Bulk” this window will pop up:
The first line of the content box should be the names of the settings you want to change, delimited with a “;”. If you want to use a different delimiter you can change it in the box. The header options are shown in the table at the bottom of the page. Note! The headers need to be included otherwise the bulk creator won’t work. Example header: profile_name;profile_notes;profile_group;simulated_operating_system;Proxy_connection_type;Proxy_proxy_url Tip!: It doesn’t matter if the headers are in lower or upper case. An example input line below the header would be: Example profile;Example import;bulk accounts;Windows;http;123.456.789.000:3125 The excel from the video can be found here: Video showcase of bulk creating new browser profiles in Incogniton:
Options table:
Option Name Possible values
profile_name Any text (REQUIRED)
profile_notes Any text
simulated_operating_system Windows/Mac OS/Linux
Proxy_connection_type http/socks4/socks5/none
Proxy_proxy_url Any text
Proxy_proxy_username Any text
Proxy_proxy_password Any text
Timezone_fill_timezone_based_on_ip true/false
Timezone_timezone_name Any valid timezone name
WebRTC_set_external_ip true/false
WebRTC_behavior altered/disabled/real
WebRTC_public_ip Any IP
WebRTC_local_ip Any IP
Geolocation_behavior Block/Allow/Prompt
Geolocation_fill_geolocation_based_on_ip true/false
Geolocation_location_information_longitude Any double between -180 and 180
Geolocation_location_information_latitude Any double between -90 and 90
Geolocation_location_information_accuracy Any positive integer
Navigator_user_agent Any text
Navigator_screen_resolution Example: 1920″x”1080, Please replace the x with a real x.
Navigator_languages Any text
Navigator_platform Any text
Navigator_do_not_track true/false
Navigator_hardware_concurrency 2/4/6/8/16
Navigator_device_memory 2/4/6/8
Navigator_useragent_always_latest true/false
Fonts_enable_font_list_masking true/false
Fonts_browser_font_list font list splitted by comma
Media_devices_enable_media_masking true/false
Media_devices_video_outputs Any positive int
Media_devices_audio_inputs Any positive int
Media_devices_audio_outputs Any positive int
Hardware_Canvas_behavior noise/block/off
Hardware_AudioContext_behavior noise/off
Hardware_WebGL_behavior noise/off
Hardware_WebGL_meta_behavior mask/off
Hardware_WebGL_meta_vendor Any text
Hardware_WebGL_meta_renderer Any text
Other_active_session_lock true/false
Other_custom_args_enabled true/false
Other_custom_args Any text
cookie Base64 encoded json cookies
If you still have any questions about performing bulk actions in Incogniton please read this article or if you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact our support department.

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