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Choose online fingerprint protection and manage your social media and e-commerce accounts more efficiently. Set up multiple browser accounts and decide your own digital fingerprint details like geolocation. Try for free now!

What you can do with Incogniton 👇

Manage multiple browser profiles

Access multiple unique internet browsers from one application with a structured overview.

Proxy management

Add a proxy to your browser profiles to gain more control over your digital fingerprint.

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Cookies Management

The ability to import, export and a Cookie Collector. With this feature you can automatically generate cookies.

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Team Accounts

Create team members with separate logins and assign them roles with specific permissions.

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Data Synchronization

Access your browser profiles from all your devices. Your data is also securely saved in our encrypted cloud servers.

Bulk creator profiles

Bulk creator which makes it possible for you to create multiple browser profiles in just a few clicks.

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Automate repetitive browser steps easily and for everyone, even without technical knowledge with the Synchronizer.

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Automation via Selenium or REST API

Automate browser operations with Selenium, Puppeteer or REST API.

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Fingerprint Generator

Don't worry about your browser fingerprint, Incogniton has it covered. Every browser profile has it's own digital fingerprint.

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Pick your desired package. Changing tiers later on is possible.


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Why do you need an anti detect browser?

Still having doubts why you will need an anti detect browser just contact our support team and they will help you.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is hampered by one issue: effective account management is nearly impossible without the proper tools.

Social Media Marketing

Your social media marketing strategy with multiple accounts doesn’t have to end on the drawing board or something beyond your means.

E-commerce & Dropshipping

The world of e-commerce is rife with limitless possibilities. With the right tools, you can position yourself for great success.

What is a Digital Fingerprint?

Science says our fingerprints are unique to us. Therefore, we use our fingerprints to identify ourselves anywhere (cue in a criminal investigation). This is the same logic behind digital fingerprinting. Digital fingerprint refers to a set of parameters that you can use to identify a unique user (or better still, a digital citizen). The data used to create this fingerprint ranges from IP address, operating system characteristics, and browser capabilities and versions. Every internet user has a unique digital fingerprint created via various means but primarily through browser fingerprinting techniques. Website owners and other internet arbiters use this information for various purposes, such as ad-tracking.

What is an Anti-Detect Browser?

As the name shows, an anti-detect browser helps you remain anonymous on the internet. It does this by creating a fake digital fingerprint for your browsing profile. So whenever you surf the internet, your actual browser fingerprint is not tracked. Instead, the fake fingerprint is tracked.

Anti-detect browsers do a lot more than that. Many of them, like Incogniton, have the capabilities to manage multiple accounts and browsing profiles from a single interface. It eliminates the use of multiple computers to manage different browsing profiles. They do this while still ensuring the highest level of anonymity and privacy you desire.

Stay Anonymous with an Anti Detect Browser

Anonymity is a choice we all have. To stay free of these identification processes on the internet and the digital world generally, some tools can help us achieve that. One of such tools is the anti-detect browser. The anti-detect browser thwarts internet tracking and fingerprinting techniques. Instead of tracking your actual digital fingerprint, site owners will track the fake digital fingerprint created by the browser.

Why Do You Need Incogniton?

There are different anti-detect browsers available. However, Incogniton stands out. Incogniton is a powerful anti detect browser that gives you full control of your online data privacy while also maintaining different browsing profiles without hassles.

With Incogniton, you can replace multiple computers with virtual browser profiles and still be assured that your data is safe and private. Each profile has a different digital fingerprint associated with it. So, it is more like having different persons using the same browser!

Incogniton is a user-friendly browser. It is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems. To use Incogniton, you can get a free starter package here.

Depending on the nature of your need, Incogniton offers different packages you can subscribe to. These packages are tailored to the needs of each user to ensure an awesome experience with the browser.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

To get acquainted with Incogniton, we have a free starter package with 10 browser profiles. Click here to register immediately for the free starter package or one of the other packages.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer all functionalities in the 10 browser profiles starter package. The features below are not available in the free version of Incogniton.

  • Cookie Collector automatically generate cookies in your new browser profiles to increase the reliability
  • Limit to create and delete only 50 profiles per month
  • The Synchronizer is limited to 4-browser profiles.
  • The ability to transfer browser profiles between Incogniton users
  • Team member feature, ability to give your co-workers access to your Incogniton browser profiles 
  • Exporting cookies from your browser profiles
  • Automation via REST API & Selenium
  • Ability to restore accidentally deleted profiles (trash bin)

Websites can see different browser fingerprints, based on this it is determined how a website is presented to you as a user. However, with Incogniton you can completely adjust and customize the browser fingerprints to your own wishes. A number of examples of browser fingerprints that are visible to websites are:

  • the device model
  • its operating system
  • its browser version
  • the timezone
  • preferred language settings of the user
  • the plugins installed
  • screen resolution
  • audio and video capabilities

With Incogniton you get control over your browser fingerprints and you can fully customize them to your wishes.

A proxy IP is an IP address that acts as an intermediary between your device and the internet. When you connect to the Internet through a proxy server, your browser traffic is routed through that server, which keeps your own IP address hidden and makes you anonymous when you’re online.

So when you add a proxy to your Incogniton browser profile, not only the other fingerprints are replaced, but also your IP. This ensures that you can work safely and securely on your browser profiles without them being linked to each other.

Another big advantage of Incogniton is that you can open your browser sessions on any device. For example, do you have a laptop but also a desktop? No problem, you just have to log in on both devices and your browser data will be synchronized between both devices. This means you can use Incogniton on any device and switch between devices.

When you work in a team you can also invite your colleagues to collaborate on your browser profile sessions. This is possible through the team functionality of Incogniton.

Incogniton is mainly used for social media management, affiliate marketing and for online marketplaces. But it can of course be used for all kinds of conceivable use cases where it is necessary to manage multiple isolated browser environments or if you want to work together in a team on the same browser profiles.

For more information about use cases see this section.

If you choose to select a paid package, you will also receive premium support. This means that if necessary you can also ask for a video call or any desk session to resolve support problems. Furthermore, one of our developers can help you with questions or give advise about automating browser actions.

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