Incogniton, Linken Sphere or Multilogin: Which is the best Anti-detect browser between the three

Whether it is Incogniton, Linken Sphere, or Multilogin, anti-detect browsers generally raise the bar in online security. You can’t completely guarantee your privacy online using any basic security measure. 

A VPN like Hola offers basic security. It may help you unblock a few sites, access restricted domains, and hide your browser’s IP Address. However, private data, like your browsers’ fingerprints, are left bare. 

As the year goes by, we have divulged means to protect our data online by either creating fake profiles, blocking user tracking, or by doing both. Anti-detect browsers are examples of tools used to achieve these goals. 

Anti-detect browsers were initially built for top-notch “privacy” and “anonymity.” It still does these, but some other users have picked interest in these browsers and have used them for unethical or illegal activities. 

Other features of anti-detect browsers are; it simplifies account farming process, allows you to log into multiple social or ad accounts. It helps you avoid bans or suspensions from many services due to rule violation and much more. Features like these are attractive to different people. 

Whatever reason you have for using an anti-detect browser, names like Incogniton, Multilogin, and Linken Sphere are brands you should get accustomed to. These three anti-detect browsers are significant players in the game. For some time now, the question has always been, “should I get Linken Sphere or Multilogin?” Go below to get an answer.

What Is Incogniton? 

First on our list is Incogniton. Its names say a lot about it – Incognito(n). Like the remaining two, Incogniton is a renowned anti-detect browser that comes with many juicy features. With it, you can simulate different profiles across many accounts, all in one device and browser. Its core features include; 

Key Features Of Incogniton

  • Data Storage

Incogniton gives you a feature to store your different profiles data. That is, all logins done on this browser will be stored in its storage unit. Be rest assured that the data it holds is untraceable. This feature is beneficial for your next login, because it will make it easy for you. You wouldn’t need to input all details again. 

  • Selenium Python Integration 

With Incogniton, you can automate some tasks and browser operations. These save time and help for an effective use of your plan. 

  • User Friendly

A tool with these features should be complicated. However, this anti-detect browser offers you an easy to understand interface for both professionals and first-time users.

  • Manage Multiple Browser

This may be a standard feature across all anti-detect browsers. However, Inconiton takes it a step higher by giving you a simplistic structured overview of all browsers opened in the program. 

  • Profile Sync

You can synchronize your profiles and data across multiple devices with the synch feature Incognito provides. That is, you can use an incogniton browser in a different machine and still be able to access your profiles. 

  • Import and Export Cookies 

You can import and export the cookies from each browser profile.

  • Paste as human typing feature

It emulates human typing to ease the filling of website forms. 

Who Can Use Incogniton? 

Below are several services or people who can use the Incogniton anti-detect browser. 

  • You can use it to gather information from different customers to boost your E-Commerce business. You can also diversify your retail program with a browser-isolated merchant on the original E-commerce platform. 
  • You can Source for Talents by discreetly gathering different details from potential candidates. 
  • You can carry out effective Web Scraping using Incogniton. 
  • Detective Officers or Detective Journalists are safe under the incogniton umbrella. 
  • Ad Spying and Verification 
  • Access different Affiliate Marketing accounts with Incogniton. 
  • Test how effective your products are performing in different geo-location, environments and even browsing history. 

What Is Multilogin? 

Another big name in the anti-detect browsing field is the Multilogin browser. It claims to have over 7000 users worldwide and has been active for almost five years. Multilogin was built on Chromium and Firefox engine. It is a combination of browsers named Mimic (chromium engine) and Stealthfox (Firefox engine). 

Although Firefox and Chromium are familiar names in the standard browser field, which we, in fact, are avoiding, the Multilogin browser is in no way affiliated to both. Chromium and Firefox engine are open-source; therefore, any developer can work on them and customize them to their feel.

Multilogin developers say the browser doesn’t send any parameter to Google, and they removed every possible footprint present in both browsers. 

Key Features

  • Multiple Separate Browsing Environment 

Every profile you create in Multilogin is opened on a different browsing environment. Therefore local storage, cache files, and cookies are sectioned to their various profiles and can’t be shared between each other. 

  • Browser Fingerprint Guard

Unlike most anti-detect browser, Multilogin doesn’t stop websites from viewing your fingerprint; it instead presents them with a different fingerprint. 

  • Automated browser tasks

You can set up Multilogin to automatically repeat a specific task in your absence. You can do this with Selenium WebDriver, Local API, and Puppeteer for Mimic. 

  • Automate Business Workflow

Using its browser sharing and transfer functions, you can control team members’ access to browser profiles. You can create, develop, and transfer accounts seamlessly using Multilogin. 

  • Collaborate in a team. 

Who Can Use Multilogin? 

All the services and people that can use Incogniton can also use Multilogin. The services Incogniton offers is somewhat similar to Multilogin. 

What Is Linken Sphere? 

Linken Sphere is a Russian powerful anti-detect tool with excellent features too. It is another big player in the game. Although it is quite young, it still has a considerable amount of users. Linken Sphere prides itself as a “friendly” anti-detect browser that works in a multi-threaded mode. 

Just like Multilogin, Linken Sphere is developed off the Chromium engine. Its developers say they work directly with the Chromium source engine and have disabled and gotten rid of all Google spyware codes. 

Linken Sphere developers say they stay up-to-date on all Anti Fraud systems; therefore, they are a step ahead in modifying their browser to repel any Anti Fraud system. 

Key Features

  • Fingerprint Substitution 

This browser comes with a protection and fingerprint substitution system. Therefore, no website can identify the configuration of your computer when you access it through Linken Sphere. It does this by giving different information and user portrait to the websites. 

  • Easily Generate and Edit Parameters

With Linken Sphere, you can not only generate parameters but can configure it to your taste and satisfaction. 

  • Different Virtual Machines

When you open a new tab in Linken Sphere, you are also opening a new virtual browser with the ability to configure various settings and connections. 

  • Easily Combine Different Network Connections

It has all the needed tools for operating SSH, Tor, and Socks proxies. It allows you to combine multiple connections to boost your comfort. 

  • Different User Agents

Linken Sphere allows you to configure and use different user agents. It comes with some pre-installed user agents, but you can configure and add yours. Data from each agent are stored and synchronized for ease. 

Who Can Use Linken Sphere? 

  • You can investigate different antifraud systems with Linken Sphere. 
  • You can access various social network accounts in Linken Sphere. 
  • Just like the others, you can manage multiple contextual advertising accounts from this browser. 
  • It offers security from external sources. Despite being built on the Google Chromium open-source engine, it is in no way associated with  Google. That is, it doesn’t share your data with Google. 

Incogniton, Link Sphere, or Multilogin, which should I choose? 

We are done explaining in detail the different anti-detect browsers; now, should you go for Incognition, Linken Sphere, or Multilogin? Although all three offer almost the same features and do the same work, a few points make one stand out amongst the rest. Go below to find out which and why. 

  • Price

All three are excellent tools and offer fantastic features; however, when it comes to price, Incogniton is cheaper when compared to Multilogin and Linkensphere. 

  • Bulk Import and Export

Moving your profiles from one system to another is a crucial feature every user will want to have. Also, storing these profiles off-line is integral. In this fold, Incogniton stands out. Unlike the other two, you can bulk export features of profiles in it. 

  • Free Package

Yes! It doesn’t matter if it is Incognition, Linken Sphere, or Multilogin; these tools are well advanced and shouldn’t be free. However, Incogniton offers you ten free starter package. That’s an offer you should seize as the rest don’t offer this. 

  • Customer Support

You may sometimes encounter a glitch that needs the expertise of the tools developers. After carrying out a test, Incogniton again trumps the remaining two with an effective customer support team. 

  • Welcomes Customers Suggestions

Customer is king, banking on that adage, Incogniton is renowned for taking into consideration the suggestions its customers offer. Coupled with its immediate customer care respons, you are sure to be heard. 

  • Fully operational 

Linken Sphere and Multilogin are both fully developed. Incogniton, on the other hand, is in active development. It will work for 99%; however, you may encounter one bug or the other. This is somewhat of a disadvantage for Incogniton, but its active customer care is open to replies. 

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