3SNET Affiliate Network: Unlocking Global Opportunities with 1000+ Offers

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Discovering the right affiliate network can be the key to unlocking unprecedented success in the world of online marketing. If you are looking for exclusive offers when your direct advertiser doesn’t respond, look no further!

3SNET CPA network offers over 1000000 diverse opportunities across gambling, betting, dating, poker, and lottery verticals.  With a robust platform and exclusive partnerships, it’s become a go-to resource for media buyers seeking prime opportunities, especially in the CIS betting sector.

About 3S NET

Launched in 2016, the 3SNET affiliate network has rapidly grown to become a powerhouse in the industry. It caters to webmasters through various payment models, including RevShare, CPA, and Hybrid, providing flexibility to suit different strategies and preferences.

What sets this network apart is its vast array of offers – over 1300 for each GEO. This extensive selection ensures that whether you’re targeting traffic from Russia, Europe, the USA, Brazil, Ukraine, Vietnam, or Indonesia, you’ll find suitable offers to monetize your efforts effectively.

The platform hosts an impressive roster of well-known brands, including Fonbet, Pari, Winline, Casinia, Lucky8, Nine, Bovada, Betbigdollar, Mybookie, Blaze, KTO, Betboom, Melbet, Bons, M88, and 20bet, among others. This diverse portfolio ensures that affiliates can always find fresh, high-converting offers to promote.

A standout feature is the network’s strong presence in the Russian and CIS markets, where it has partnered with virtually all major bookmakers. The betting category includes licensed operators like Winline, Fonbet, and Pari, each offering tailored terms for different regions.

The network’s founder team brings a wealth of experience in Internet marketing, having worked across various platforms and CPA networks. This expertise translates into a user-friendly environment designed to maximize the earning potential of the affiliates.

Key Features and Benefits of Joining 3SNET CPA Affiliate Network

3S NET provides a secure platform, protecting advertisers from bots and fraud. With experienced support and skilled managers, they offer quality traffic for advertisers in gambling and betting on mutually beneficial terms. Other benefits affiliates on the network enjoy include:

1. Extensive Offer Selection

With over 1300 offers spanning multiple verticals and GEOs, affiliates can always find suitable opportunities. The platform has a list, which is always updated by its support team, that comprises the current top offers.

2. Competitive Rates

The network prides itself on offering increased and often exclusive rates. Affiliates have the opportunity to negotiate individual terms, potentially securing higher payouts than those offered by direct advertisers. However, this is only possible if your traffic meets the quality criteria and rules of the network.

3. Ready-to-Use Creative Materials

Upon joining, affiliates gain immediate access to a comprehensive set of creatives, including landing pages, pre-landers, and various banner formats.

4. Advanced Tracking Capabilities

The platform supports Javascript and Postback pixels, enabling precise traffic analysis. It’s compatible with popular trackers like Binom, Affise, and Keitaro, with the team ready to integrate additional trackers upon request.

5. Flexible Traffic Sources

Each offer comes with a detailed description of allowed traffic sources, accommodating a wide range of strategies from mobile traffic to contextual ads, torrents, and email marketing.

6. Promotional Support

The network has a dedicated promo codes section that provides affiliates with fresh opportunities to save on various media buying services, trackers, and other essential tools.

7. Industry Insights

The network’s information project, 3S.INFO, delivers valuable content, including expert articles, market analysis, and industry news, helping affiliates stay informed and competitive.

In essence, by registering on 3S NET,  you get the opportunity to work with proven advertisers and discuss individual terms with a manager to achieve the best results. This network could be your path to a successful advertising campaign.

Incogniton performance

Leveraging Incogniton for Enhanced Performance

To maximize the potential of this affiliate network, many successful affiliates are turning to Incogniton, an advanced anti-detect browser. This powerful tool can significantly boost the effectiveness and robustness of your affiliate marketing efforts. Here’s how:

1. Multiple Account Management

Incogniton allows you to create and manage multiple browser profiles, each with its unique fingerprint. This feature is invaluable for testing different offers across various geolocations without triggering security alerts.

2. Improved Tracking Accuracy

By using separate profiles for different campaigns, you can ensure more accurate tracking of your affiliate links and conversions, leading to better optimization of your strategies.

3. Enhanced Privacy and Security

Incogniton’s anti-fingerprinting technology helps protect your identity and activities from detection, crucial when working with sensitive verticals like gambling and betting.

4. Geo-Targeting Precision

The browser has a seamless proxy integration that enables you to test and optimize offers for specific geo-locations more effectively.

5. A/B Testing Capabilities

With multiple profiles, you can easily conduct A/B tests on different landing pages, creatives, or offer combinations to identify the most effective strategies.

6. Compliance Assurance

Incogniton helps ensure that your activities comply with the network’s rules by preventing accidental cross-contamination between accounts or campaigns.

By integrating Incogniton into your workflow, you can take full advantage of 3G networks’ diverse offer landscape while maintaining a high level of security and efficiency in your operations.


The 3SENT affiliate network offers a compelling package for both newcomers and experienced affiliates in the online marketing space. With its vast selection of offers, competitive rates, and robust support system, it provides an excellent platform for scaling your affiliate marketing efforts.

By leveraging advanced tools like Incogniton alongside the network’s features, affiliates can create a powerful, flexible, and secure environment for their campaigns.

Whether you’re looking to break into new markets or optimize existing strategies, this network, combined with smart tools and approaches, can be your gateway to affiliate marketing success.

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