Proxy Deals

Proxy Deals

Incogniton is more than just a browser that hides IP addresses. It’s a suite that offers you loads of benefits, but the fundamental feature of this utility is in accessing websites using customized browser profiles. Browser profiles in Incogniton go beyond saving your preferences and logins, such as it is in Chrome or Firefox. With Incogniton profiles, you can browse with a different IP, timezone, location, etc.

Whenever you access a website on the internet, you reveal a lot of detail about yourself. You may not know it, but by merely landing on a page of the site, you give off information about you. If you would prefer to browse with different IP and the website to see whatever information you please, then read this post to the end. The site detects your current location, the kind of device you use and its operating system, your timezone, proxy address, and other specific information from your session cookies. If you use a browser that hides IP, what happens to the other details?

Incogniton lets you customize all of this information, one by one and save them to a profile for subsequent use even after restarting the application. All you do is click on the profile, and when the browser opens, your entire fingerprint will be changed to what you set in Incogniton.

Browser profiles in Incogniton

The ability to modify your browsing session data is gold right now for all fields. Internet markers use Incogniton to manage individual ad accounts. The program also lets developers scrape tons of web pages without needing a virtual machine. Human resources personnel, journalists, and eCommerce webmasters, etc. will all find the custom virtual profiles valuable in their businesses.

Wondering if Incogniton is for you? This post on its use cases will give you a clear idea

You know what’s better than a completely customizable browser profile? It’s unlimited, customizable browser profiles! Not only can you create multiple virtual browser profiles, but Incogniton also saves your cookies so that you can continue using your preferred settings even after you restart the application. Earlier, I mentioned that websites you visit can easily see specific information about your browsing session and that Incogniton can help you modify the details of your internet use. When you log in to your Incogniton dashboard, select a profile or create a new one to get started. From the left-hand side of the screen, you can see tabs for configuring your proxy, timezone, WebRTC, and Geolocation.

A closer look at proxies

The settings are straightforward, for instance, go to the “Timezone” tab and select your preferred timezone from which you want the websites to think you are accessing their page. The same goes for the other configurations like Geolocation, etc. However, the proxy settings are a little bit tricky. A proxy server acts as an intermediary between your browsing device and a destination server. Popular solutions like using a VPN or browser that hides IP addresses, for example, can disguise your IP address to give you some level of anonymity. However, as you may already know, the IP addresses they give you are easily identified as fake and not unique to you.

Types of proxies

Generally, you can categorize proxy servers into three types – mobile proxies, residential proxies, and datacenter proxies. Mobile proxies are the least secure of the three because you will share them with many other users. For anonymity, you should go for either a residential proxy or a datacenter proxy. This blog post explains in detail the different types/qualities of proxy servers. But what you should know is that if you are on a budget and don’t mind some extra scrutiny of your sessions, get a datacenter proxy. Otherwise to browse with a different IP, I recommend a residential proxy. They do not mask your IP address but trick the website that you are using an IP assigned to a home network. However, be prepared to spend a little more on residential proxies.

Add a proxy to your Incogniton profile

To configure and assign a proxy address for your Incogniton browser profile, you first need to get the proxy. Don’t bother about searching Google for proxy servers because you will be overwhelmed with loads of proxy sellers, most of whom are not worth your time. We have done the hard work and will now present our recommended proxy sellers. These providers here are not necessarily more expensive than what you’ll find elsewhere, but you cannot go wrong with them.

Where to purchase proxies

  • Blazing SeoLLC: (IPV 4, IPV6 & mobile proxies): If speed and quality are your top-most priorities, then you should definitely get your proxies from Blazing SEO LLC. They offer SOCKS, HTTP, and HTTPS proxies in various locations, such as USA, Germany, UK, India, Japan, Canada, Australia, Vietnam and Brazil, and they have hundreds of subnets available. If you are looking for large subnet availability, the USA dedicated proxy solution can definitely offer you just that. Uptime is guaranteed, and they offer complimentary proxy replacements for unsuitable IPs. If cost is your primary concern, then they do offer the semi-dedicated proxy option as well, that are available in these locations: USA, Brazil, and Germany. Or you may additionally try the IPv6 proxy solution as well! Blazing SEO LLC is also a pioneer in offering mobile proxy solution. These are 100% mobile proxies that are far superior than any other residential proxies out there! You can also get highly reliable dedicated servers and VPS solutions from Blazing SEO as well, and these are available in West Coast (Los Angeles CA), East Coast (New Jersey), Dallas TX, and Chicago IL. Blazing SEO offers some of the most inexpensive and reliable proxy solutions.

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  • Highproxies (PRIVATE PROXIES): The first proxy supplier on this roundup is Highproxies. They sell some of the most reliable private proxies you can get. Different proxy servers are optimized for specific cases, and I recommend Highproxies particularly for social media.With these proxies, social media marketers can create and manage multiple ad account completely risk-free. Marketers will also need these servers to run different ad accounts without the platform detecting that they originate from one device. I can literally go on and on about the uses of social media proxies, but you get the picture by now. From as low as $3.20 per month. 

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  • Proxy seller (IPV 4 & IPV 6 proxies): It is not news that payment providers, PayPal for example, may not let you access your accounts when you go outside your country. Users started using VPNs, but that became even worse, because your account get Erased immediately PayPal detects that you are using a VPN. In this scenario or similar, turn to proxy servers. supplies fast and unrestricted private Socks5 and HTTPs proxies. Their customer support is top-notch and will help you through any challenges you face.

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  • SmartProxy (residential proxies & datacenter proxies): Another popular proxy provider is They’re also similar to the other suppliers mentioned here, but a selling point for SmartProxy is their 3-day money-back guarantee. SmartProxy has an advanced proxy rotation feature by which you can switch between IPs quickly between any of its 195+ locations worldwide. 

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Wrap up

Do not mistake Incogniton for a browser that hides IP; it gives you the power to browse the internet completely anonymously. Your traffic can give off whatever information you pass, thanks to the virtual browser profiles. This post has shown you how to customize your Incogniton browser profile and recommended great places where you can get high-quality proxies.

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