Incogniton Use Cases

Incogniton Use Cases


Incogniton is a great tool that offers several features while being flexible and efficient. We’ll be discussing several cases where Incogniton applies.


  1. Simplify Affiliate Marketing:

    For the sake of those who don’t know what Affiliate Marketing is, it is a process where a user (known as an affiliate) gets a commission for marketing products or services of another person or company. How does it work? A link or an Ad of the company’s product is setup on the affiliate’s website. When people visit the affiliate’s website and click on the Ad or link, the visitor is sent to the company’s website through a tracking link. If the visitor decides to buy the product, the affiliate network records details of the transaction and the affiliate gets paid the commission. A great way to make money, right? In affiliate marketing, diversity helps you make more money. Now as an affiliate marketer, you may decide to run Ad campaigns through more than one Ad account. Imagine if you had to run ad campaigns from four Ad accounts. Signing in and out from one account to another can be really frustrating. Also, you may lose track of what you’re doing. You need a tool that gives you the flexibility of running Ads from multiple Ad accounts at the same time. Today, we have many tools that give such flexibility. Incogniton is one of the best tools out there in the market that gives you great flexibility. You can run multiple ad campaigns from multiple ad accounts at the same time. Zero frustration and simple interface.

  2. Zero stress for Ad Verification:

    When you setup and run Ads, checking to see how they are displayed is important. You can check to see if there are broken links or typos that you may need to correct. You would want to see how they would appear to your site visitors in different geolocations and on different devices and screen sizes. Of course, perfection and excellence are what we all try to achieve. Incogniton is a tool that can help you get your Ad targeting and placement right. Run your Ads, and see checkout how the users see them. Setup the Ads from your account and check them out as a site visitor in the location you’re targeting simultaneously.

  3. Access Multiple Email accounts:

    Similar to the point raised above, you can access multiple email accounts simultaneously on Incogniton. Signing in and out of your email accounts whenever you want to switch or compare items in different email accounts from the same email company can be really frustrating. With Incogniton, you can sign access to multiple email accounts from the same email company at the same time.

  4. Location-Based Price Comparison:

    Some online stores set the price for their products based on visitor location. This is actually not new and is done mostly by big retail companies. When a visitor accesses their website, an algorithm on their website runs, picks up the location of the visitor and display prices set for that location. Visiting their site on a regular browser restricts you from knowing the cost of those items for another location without actually being in that location physically. Now you can jump those restrictions. Incogniton removes those restrictions. View and compare the cost of items for different countries on such websites easily.

  5. Monitor your Brand:

    When you host your website or website on the internet, it becomes accessible to everyone in the world. Depending on your type of brand, you may not want certain regions to have access to your website. For instance, you notice over time that site visitors from a particular region have been committing fraudulent activities on your website and your decision is to close your services in that region. This can be easily achieved by blocking the regions from accessing your website. Question is how do you test if that region is actually blocked? How do you know for sure what is displayed to a visitor from that region without physically going there? It’s easy and simple with Incogniton. You can easily select an IP from a Proxy network in those regions. When you visit your site, your website would see you as a site visitor from the blocked location and you get to see what other blocked users in that location would see. This is a great way of monitoring your brand protection online.

  6. Easily Setup Profiles for different reasons:

    Incogniton is so flexible. You can set up a different browser profile for whatever reason and select them whenever the need comes up. For instance, you need to use resources from a site with restricted locations. You also need to access an email client maintaining a particular location. Incogniton handles cases like these perfectly. All you need to do is set up a profile to maintain a particular region for the first case. Then do the same for the second case. Whenever the need for the first case arises, you can easily select the profile that applies. When the need for the second case arises, all you need to do is switch to the profile you need.

  7. Research:

    Get all the details for your research on a particular country with ease. You can get concrete data for your research work or for journalism by viewing online data from the country. Incogniton lets you mask your identity and pretend to be physically present in the country, or as a local as some may call it. This feature is also great for carrying out investigations without revealing your location.

Incogniton Use Cases Conclusion:


With all these features and more, you don’t really need to do sketchy things to work more efficiently online.

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