Incogniton update V. – New feature! Cookie Collector and other improvements

Dear Incogniton user,

We are happy to announce that we just launched a new update of Incogniton, in this update we have improved Incogniton on the following aspects:

  • New feature: Cookie Collector (generator), with this functionality you will be able to automatically generate some cookies for your browser profiles which will increase the trust of a browser profile. Please see this article for more information about the Cookie Collector
  • New feature: Don’t show the profile name in URL bar if you don’t want this. You can do this via the advanced settings of a browser profiles. Note! This only works in the newest browser version which is Chromium V.93
  • New feature: Double verification on proxy details, if the first validation didn’t succeed another database can be used to validate the proxy details.

We also fixed some bugs:

  • Bulk Cookie exporter fixed
  • Removed upgrade browser profiles button
  • Updated last launched data correction
  • Reduced synchronization size for faster launching of browser profiles

If you still have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Kind regards,

The Incogniton Team

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