Incogniton update – V. – Chrome browser update to V89 with custom arguments support

Dear Incogniton user,

We are happy to announce that we just launched a new update of Incogniton, in this update we have improved Incogniton on the following aspects:


• New browser added which is based on Chromium version 89, old profiles can use the old browser or upgrade to the new one. New created browser profiles can only use the new browser.
• Improvements! Team functionality – New permissions to hide complete groups. Old roles will have view all groups enabled by default and will need to adjusted manually.
• Added user agent v90 in the user interface to select manually
• Select all button in clean up dialog
• User interface improvements – faster scrolling (no more lagging) in UI
• Custom arguments support
• Possible to send custom arguments while launching via selenium
• Easy auto fill proxy fields via copy-paste
• Synchronization block till other data synchronizations are complete
• Bug fix! Browser syncing error fixed by force restart button, which does a force stop and a force start

If you still have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Kind regards,

The Incogniton Team

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