With over 330 million monthly active users, Twitter is one of the most popular social media networks in the world. People from all over the world use this network to share information. In addition, there are many individuals and organizations that are using Twitter for marketing purposes. These individuals and organizations are often facing a big problem – they need multiple Twitter accounts, but as you are probably aware, Twitter doesn’t allow the creation of multiple accounts from the same IP. So, you have to use this site with different IPs to keep things safe. There’s another solution to this issue, but before we go into details, let us mentioned why someone would like multiple Twitter accounts.

Reasons to use multiple Twitter accounts
The most common reason to use an option like this is to boost a business account. The truth is that it needs time for a new account, especially a business account, to grow. It will take months for other Twitter users to notice you. Buying followers is one option, but this is a risky solution in many cases. So, making more than one Twitter accounts and managing them in a way that supports the growth of your primary business account makes sense. Additionally, there are people who can benefit from this approach as part of their affiliate marketing campaign. Of course, you can also do this just for fun because managing a few profiles on Twitter can be entertaining.

Managing multiple Twitter accounts with public proxies is a big no-no
If you ask some experts in this field, they will probably come up with a few different ideas about how to handle multiple Twitter accounts without getting banned. For instance, some of them might suggest using a public proxy. This might sound like a good idea because you won’t spend a dime on a solution like this. But, there’s a catch. With an approach like this, you might be able to handle the accounts for a while and grow them, but Twitter often bans a range of IP addresses that are offered as free public proxies. Imagine a situation where you have worked for many days to get a strong fan base only to get banned by Twitter simply because you’ve used a free public proxy.

Using a regular web browser vs using a specially designed browser for managing
multiple Twitter accounts
Well-established web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera have user-friendly interfaces and many useful options, but they usually don’t let users hide their IPs. Surely, there are add-ons and plugins that can help you, but these add-ons are made by third-party developers and no one can guarantee that they are safe. In other words, you need a browser that hides IP, a hide IP address browser that was specially designed for this purpose. Incogniton is an excellent example of a browser like that.

Designed with privacy, anonymity, and safety in mind, this web browser allows people to create multiple Twitter accounts and manage them without any hassles. As we said before, you can also try to create Chrome multiple profiles simultaneously, but there’s always risk involved because Chrome was not built for this purpose in the first place.

When you use a browser like Incogniton, you can configure a virtual profile right after the browser is launched. It is up to you to select the session information you want. There’s a high level of Internet protection involved and you will get a safe proxy that allows you to handle multiple Twitter accounts at once. As a matter of fact, you can use this option for the management of other social media networks too. Thanks to tools like Incogniton, you can use a different IP address for every profile. What’s great is
that you can easily set the time zone and other information that will help you provide an authentic appearance for your Twitter profile. In this way, it’s virtually impossible for Twitter to detect any foul play. You can keep tweeting from all profiles almost simultaneously without worrying about sanctions. To put it simply, you will get access to multiple IP addresses on one computer.

Make your life easier with automation tools
Once you start using a tool like Incogniton and you ensure that everything works well, it would be a good time to consider the use of automation tools. There are tools like Buffer and Mass Planner for example that let users schedule tweets, add multiple tweets at once, auto-follow and more. When you are using tools like this, don’t push your luck by spamming. If you don’t post like crazy for dozens of times every day or add dozens of followers per day, Twitter will not ban your accounts and
you can keep growing your network of Twitter accounts.

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