What if Your Google Ads Account Gets Suspended

What if Your Google Ads Account Gets Suspended

Statistics show that 80% of businesses concentrate on Google Ads, making it the industry leader for search advertising.

There are certain risks involved in internet advertising. One such risk Is that Google Ads has some laid down rules and regulations businesses must follow. The growth of your business is dependent on compliance with both laws and rules of Google Ads. If there is a breach of any of these laws, your Ads account gets suspended.

Google Ads suspension can result in revenue loss for your business. Fortunately, a Google Ads account suspension is scarcely permanent, except for some exceptional cases. If your account has been suspended, there are several methods to retrieve it.

In this article, you will learn how to quickly restore your Google Ads account. Let’s jump right in!


What Google Ads Accounts are Used For

What Google Ads Accounts are Used For

Google Ads is an advertising product platform that uses the market model called pay-per-click. The pay-per-click model allows advertisers or business owners to pay for each click or ad impression made on Google’s search engine.

Google Ads creates awareness for qualified customers to know more about the goods and services your business offers. Your internet traffic, as well as online visibility for products, is increased when you use Google Ads. Most of the data Google provides helps business reviews and campaigns for future projections.

The followings are ways in which Google Ads can boost your business marketing strategy:

  • Swift Results

Google Ads is a great platform to increase your website’s internet traffic. Your business becomes open to potential customers. Google Ads offers a leap in the overall growth of your online sales. Once your advert gets authorized by Google, your online traffic takes a fresh new turn.

  • Increased Brand Awareness

Over 7 hours are spent each day online by an average person. This means the likelihood of individuals viewing your Ads more than once is high. This is best achieved with Placement targeting.

Placement targeting in Google Ads helps to increase your brand awareness. Google Ads builds a strong online networking system that gives you access to the right customers for your products anywhere in the world. There is no limitation to the number of reaches an Ad placement can achieve.

  • Budget Control

Businesses have a target income and expenditure for every year in review. Advertising expenditures can be very costly.

Most marketers have a difficult time keeping in check the money spent on advertisements. Conventional marketing methods like handing fliers to people, erecting different billboards at strategic places and so on are no longer effective in this age and time.

With the onset of digital advertisements, Google Ads helps businesses curb their advertisement expenses. You get complete control over how your income is spent as well as your numerous financial choices. Options like setting your daily expense limits and paying only once an ad is clicked on Google Ads aid budget control mechanisms.

  • Target Specificity

Quality leads are of utmost importance to marketers and salespeople like those in Affiliate Marketing. The end goal of a good marketing approach is to reach as many people as possible.

Google Ads has a functioning algorithm that is target specific, that is, using the right keywords ensures that your product is seen by the right set of customers. Google Ads scales your business to the limelight.

  • Profitable Scaling

Google Ads help your business scale profitably. This is achieved by scaling effectively the structure of your business campaigns, having the right target for your business campaigns and scaling the metrics of your business performance. Google Ads offers the right scalability tools needed to grow your business.

  • Easy Management of Campaigns

Google Ads campaigns are generally easy to adopt by anyone. You do not need prior training or MBA-trained personnel to access the Google Ad platform. With good digital marketing skills at even the basic level, you can have the right result for any of your campaigns.

Google Ads are forever invaluable and relevant to your business’s overall growth. Most of these Ads are easy to measure, monitor effectively and scale. However, Google’s zero-tolerance stance on violating their term of service does not permit you to create a new account under the same name. This can be a major setback for any business.


6 Reasons Why Your Google Ads Accounts Get Suspended

6 Reasons Why Your Google Ads Accounts Get Suspended

Among many notable reasons, several factors can instigate the suspension of your Google Ads Account. Below are 7 reasons why your google account can get banned and a quick tip on how can prevent it.

1. Google Ads Law Violations

There are several laws guiding most establishments. This is also applicable to Google Ads. Violation of the terms and conditions guiding Google Ads digital platform is one of the most common reasons why your account can get banned.

In different geographic locations, different laws apply. For instance, Paternity Test advertisement is prohibited and a punishable offense in the UK.

Pro Tip: Do not be too hasty in launching business campaigns and marketing schemes. Take out time to read and know about these terms and conditions to prevent your account from getting suspended.

2. Counterfeiting

Counterfeiting is imitating another person or business product, or trademark without prior permission from the original owner. It is a fraudulent act and is punishable by law. Google Ads policy also shuns this act.

Hence, if you try to copy or imitate another brand’s product, or design or virtually promote a similar product to your competitor, your account is liable to get suspended.

Pro Tip: To sound a clear note of not infringing on another brand’s trademark, you might need to change your product design or anything that has a striking resemblance to your competitor’s brand.

3. Over saturation of Ads

As much as Google Ads is a platform for adverts, if you decide to only display Ads so you can generate enough income and online traffic, your Google Ads account is liable to get banned. Oversaturated Ad is bad for your Ads account as Google can interpret it as a get-rich-quick scheme on your part.

Pro Tip: Your primary purpose is not to rip money off advertisements but instead project to customers your business products. Do not saturate your account with irrelevant Ads.

4. Suscipious Activities on your Accounts

Google can be very protective of who goes in and out of their digital space. Hence, if Google notices unauthorized access to your accounts, your Ads account can get suspended. This is just a protective measure to save your account from hackers.

Also, Google has a zero-tolerance stance on creating a new account under the same name. This violate their terms and conditions and once detected, they will ban all connected accounts.

Pro Tip: Keep your account safe by imbibing some of these security measures.

  • Make use of Google Authenticator to authenticate access to your accounts
  • Enable 2-step Verification for a safer login
  • Passwords are important. Make use of a reliable and strong password and be careful not to disclose it to anybody.


5. Suspicious Payment

Google Ads do not condone fraudulent acts from business owners, hence your account can be suspended if your payment activities are fraudulent. You can know if your payment is fraudulent when Google replies with ‘Can’t verify billings’ or ‘payment marked suspicious’

Here are ways your payment can be labelled suspicious by Google Ads

  • When your billings cannot be verified
  • When you make use of a suspended account card
  • When your credit card gets rejected by Google Ads
  • When you use cards that are not authentic like virtual cards, stolen cards, or cards gotten from fraudulent means.

Pro Tip: One essential way to curb suspicious payment bans is to use the right and correct information when you open a Google Ads account.

6. Malware

Malware is harmful software that can disrupt the smooth running of a system. Google has little tolerance for Ads accounts running ads for websits that contain malware as user data protection is one of its major aims. Thus, Google will suspend your account, and your data and any previously posted material will also be at risk if you willfully run malware ads.

Pro Tip: Malware might not necessarily be from your end. So, take fast action if you know your site has malware introduced by a hacker.


7. Circumventing Systems

There are rules and regulations that when violated are pardonable by Google. There rules are also rules which when broken, Google tags it as ‘egregious offense’. This is often happens when you trying to outsmarts Google’s system. Doing things like the following will earn your a permanent suspension on the Google Ads ecosystem.

  • opening a new account after your Ads account gets suspended
  • including malicious links on your business site
  • including a redirect on your landing page

Pro tip: To keep your Google Ads account safe, study the Google Ads policy carefully. It will save your business from a lot of dangers.

Keep in mind, if ever your Google Ads account gets suspended, the remedy depends partially on the reason why your account was suspended in the first instance.


How to Fix Google Ads Accounts Suspension

How to Fix Google Ads Accounts Suspension

Here are some of the solutions available to fix your Google Ads suspension:


  • Pay Your Dues as when due

Google Ads has certain services associated with digital marketing that need payment apart from payment for Ads you run on your site. Losing track of some of these payments might get you a mail from Google stating you need to pay a charge. If you haven’t done that, you should make payments immediately. After payment, your Google Ads account can get reinstated.

But if you are in the clear, you can write Google stating that you have kept up with all of the payments. As these might be an oversight from the system’s end.


  • Delete any malicious or risky applications

If your Google Ads account gets banned due to malicious malware, the solution is to delete any malicious malware. Get a reliable malware removal and clean up your business site as soon as you get a mail from Google that your site hosts harmful adware. It is advisable to scan for spam pages too.


  • Adjust your Ads to suit Google’s preferences

Modifying or adjusting your Ads fixes the problem of violating any of Google’s local laws. This might be unintentional at times. If your account gets banned, you can simply adjust the ads to suit Google’s preference or better still change the content of the ad in particular.

You can leverage the Google Ads creator tool to better effect changes to the Ads in question. The tool helps to edit any seemingly offensive ads quickly and more effectively. The idea behind adjusting your Google Ads is to make them fit more closely to Google’s rules and laws.


  • Submit an Appeal to Google

Errors are inevitable. Perhaps Google made a mistake in pinning some violation on you or your business site. Not to worry, you can submit an appeal to Google as regards the misconception. Google has a form for this kind of scenario. All you need do is fill out your complaints and verify that all the information provided is accurate before submitting.

If you give out incorrect information, Google views it as a falsehood. The penalty for such is a permanent suspension of your Google Ads account. Hence, do not be in a hurry to write an appeal, verify instead if you are justified and if you have filled in the right details.

Note, Google has the right to deny your appeal. You should get in touch with a team member and discuss the reason for the denial. You can get in touch with the Google Ads Team. It will better help to discuss your situation directly.

You can also protect your account from unauthorized personnel by filling out this form, especially when you feel you have been hacked.


  • Google is open to Questions, SO ASK

You can’t stray when you ask questions. Google is the top-ranking search engine anywhere in the world. It is programmed to solve and provide answers to questions. There are tons of communities that willingly proffer solutions to most of Google’s rules and regulations. Some of these communities are present on Quora, Reddit and several other sites.

However, be careful of who you get answers from. There are several people with little or no knowledge that can pose as being knowledgeable. Discretion is needed when getting replies and acting on them.


  • Amend all Google Policy Violations

Once you notice you’ve infringed Google’s policy as regards your Google Ad account, the next thing is to amend it. Try to look through the list of solutions we proffered in this article and actively rectify your violations. Most importantly, take conscious steps to prevent your Google Ads account from getting banned.



So far, we have covered helpful tips on things to do when your Google Ads account gets suspended. Unless you’ve probably broken a serious rule, reinstating your account should be a walk-through.

It’s best to get acquainted with some of Google’s policies as this is the bedrock of a safe Google Ads account. Prevent future occurrences by getting acquainted with the reasons for any Google Ads suspension you have experienced.

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