Getting started with Incogniton

Almost every platform frowns at and bans users caught running more than one account. However, many tasks require that you make use of a website with multiple identities, and not all users doing this have malicious intent. Social media managers who run multiple clients’ accounts, marketers creating buyer personas, and every other person who has signed up on a website needs Incogniton to add a different dimension to their browsing experience.

What is Incogniton?

Incogniton is an internet browser utility that enables you to create custom virtual browser profiles for managing multiple user accounts with one web browser. Earlier, we have mentioned that social media managers and marketers especially need this function of managing multiple accounts. Those are not all, however. Incogniton offers loads of brilliant benefits to almost all internet users, some of which include:

  1. Affiliate marketers use Incogniton to run multiple ads from different accounts.
  2. If hiring and want to investigate the social media of a prospect, you need Incogniton to create and operate the anonymous account(s) you will use for this purpose.
  3. Internet business people make use of Incogniton to manage their several merchant accounts without getting banned.
  4. This tool can also be used by journalists or detectives for disguising their identities during investigations.
  5. Incogniton solves the issue of IP blocking that developers face when they attempt to scrape web pages. The custom browser profiles also eliminate the need for multiple computers or virtual machines.
  6. Developers also need Incogniton for testing the applications and websites with different parameters.
  7. Marketers can easily create buyer personas, all with unique social media and information, and then save their data to browser profiles.

Browser profiles

When you hop on the internet with a web browser, all the requests you send and traffic information contain parameters identifying details about your session. Browsers such as Chrome, Opera, and Firefox have browser profiles also, although they do not work like that of Incogniton. Thanks to browser profiles, different people use a browser as entirely separate entities.

Browser profiles in Incogniton work differently from what you might have seen on Chrome and the likes. On Chrome, for example, while you can make use of browser profiles, all the profiles share a common proxy server. Accessing multiple accounts using profiles on these browsers will get your account flagged and possibly banned for unusual activity.

Incogniton improves the browser profiles by letting you use different proxy servers for the different browser profiles. This way, the website or platform on which you use multiple accounts cannot tell that the traffic originates from the same computer or user. Besides the proxies, when setting up Incogniton profiles, you also get to set the fingerprint information given off in your sessions. Some information you can tweak on your browser profile include your Geolocation, WebRTC, and timezone.

How to manage multiple online entities using browser profiles

The first step in creating and managing multiple entities is to create a virtual profile – each one represents a separate identity. Now, while you can change aspects on your fingerprint, services can see your IP address by default. For anonymity, you will need to mask your IP address, and a recommended way to do this is with the use of proxy servers.

Set up a browser profile, and then using this profile, open a web browser. If you configured the profile correctly, then you will be able to use the internet with the configuration of that profile. At the end of the browsing session, Incogniton stores your browsing history, logins, cookies, and other essential data to the profile. That is so that you can continue with the identity on subsequent logins.

Anti-Detect Browser for Multi-Account Management

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