About Incogniton

Incogniton is based in the Netherlands and our office is located in the Amsterdam region. The founders are us, Niels and Rens and we started developing the first version of Incogniton in 2019. This is because we felt the need to develop a browser management tool that was easy to use and reliable. After an intensive phase of development, we launched Incogniton at the beginning of 2020.

In the meantime, we have grown fast and we also now have a great team around us with people from all over the world. Also Incogniton has been significantly improved on all fronts compared to the very first version. We are proud of our people and what we have already achieved for our customers.

Our mission

Provide our customers with a reliable, user friendly and efficient browser profile management tool. To make them able to efficiently manage their business.

Our vision

We see the internet as an endless source of new possibilities and opportunities for everyone. With Incogniton we want to offer entrepreneurs the tools to offer an opportunity. We want to be a reliable partner so that you can focus on your business and we provide a reliable working environment.

Incogniton in numbers

Meet the team

Our headquarter is located in the Netherlands but we are a team of people that live all over the world.
Chief Development

Rens is responsible for the technical part of the application, he makes sure that the application and the browser is always up to date and works smoothly.


Chief Development

Niels is reponsible for the daily operations such as coordinating the support team, managing partnerships and other daily business such as finance.


Chief Operations

Kirill is reponsible for our Yandex Ad campaigns and other marketing work.


Ads Specialist

Maurice is reponsible for devising our marketing strategy and partially executing marketing activities for Incogniton.


Marketing Manager

Vincent is responsible for managing our partners in Asia and providing support to users.


Support China

Yusuf is responsible for creating new content for our blog section or content that can be used by our partners.


Content creator

Edu is responsible for managing our partners in South America and providing support to users..


Support Brasil

Caspar is responsible for the back end development of Incogniton