Some applications on the waiting list and product orders will be verified. The aim of this verification is to guard against the
use of stolen PayPal accounts and credit cards.   We will request you to confirm to us that a PayPal account or a credit card that you want to use to pay for Incogniton services truly belongs to you.

When you have signed up for the waiting list of the Incogniton, we may ask you to verify the information that you provided on your billing account. You can verify your billing account information as follows:

 Credit Card or PayPal payment Options:  

  • Send us a copy of any government-issued ID card that clearly shows your name and picture. After the verification process, the file will be deleted from our system.
  • Have a video interview with one of our customer support agents. If you pass the interview, your Credit Card or PayPal Account is verified.

 Bitcoin Payment Option: 

  • We don’t  request verification for Bitcoin payments

You must ensure the correctness of your contact information. Providing any incorrect information, such as an invalid phone number will automatically lead to the cancelation of your application or orders.

Although these measures come with a little inconvenience, they are meant to offer protection to Incogniton, as well as owners of PayPal accounts and credit cards.

Incogniton will cancel any order whose payment constitutes a high risk.